News & Important Items

Hello Holsgrove Husky Families!!

Since our call for crockpots a couple of weeks back, we have seen a huge outpouring of donations and we could not be more proud of our community.  

In addition to families donating, our Parent Council has pledged their support using some of the funds raised through our ’for purchase’ Hot Lunch Program that is traditionally on Thursdays.  

We have sent thank you cards to many families to thank them for helping out with this food program.  Some families have dropped off donations anonymously - we thank you for your donations as well!  

Donations received to date:

  • 4 crockpots - two of which we can use like ovens!
  • Walmart Gift Cards totaling $300
  • Pasta and sauce, bagels, cream cheese, cheese, onions, peppers, spices, beans, apples, and so much more!
  • A freezer

Just so you know how your donations are being used - here is a little update:

  • 15 kids - every day - are served breakfast with about 5 others getting a before school snacks
  • A minimum of 20 kids are being fed a hot vegetarian meal every day.  We also ensure that this meal is Halal with the help of our oldest students.
  • Our grade ⅞ class are assisting with delivering food to classes daily as well as sorting and putting food away as it arrives.  
  • Students are beginning to assist with prepping food - for example - this week some of our grade 8s made Apple Crisp with apples that were donated to the school, which was then given out with the hot meal

We want you to know what an enormous impact this program is having on our students.  Kids who didn’t eat or only had snack type foods from the food sharing program are now eating a full meal because of our amazing Husky Community.  Thank you!